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Auditorium for 10,000 people (Low cost)

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Atmosfera 2 dia (Large)


The old Auditorium in Corrientes, Argentina is located in a housing district and between two important avenues. With no roof and no public space for the 10,000 people that assists to the Chamame popular festival that takes place every year, so we decided to cover their heads from the strong sun and strong rains that uses to be in this region of the country. We also decided to bring the people closer to the scenerio because in the old one there is only one level so the people located in the back could hardly follow the play. Our effort in this competition was to protect the people, bring some natural ventilation, give a nice public space to the city with a huge screen (like open air cinema) to make even more popular this festival (expanding the capacity of the event to 5,000 people more). This big plaza is the receiver for all the public and two big ramps located in both sides of the building allow them to enter and spread all around the auditorium.

panel 1-d (Large)

After this big effort to take care of the people inside and outside, we took the commitment to give to the proffesionals that will work there a nice an easy place to do so. Actors, musicians, technicians, people from the administration, those who attend in the restaurant, in the bar, even the conference rooms for the media and the audio cabin are placed and organizated with a practicality criteria and high efficiency space usability.

panel-2 (Large) panel-3 (Large) panel-4 (Large) panel-5 (Large) panel-6 (Large) panel-7 (Large)Authors of this proposal, during our freetime and weekends 😉

Francisco Bulos , Eduardo Cociffi, Jose Sousa, Emmanuel García and me.




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