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Working in Schmidt Architekten

Schmidt Architekten, based near Freiburg im Bresigau, Germany.


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All those products that I designed for SUNCO are available to purchase them in India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Europe, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.

This streetlight is a special prototype that I designed for a Hotel Company wich wanted something different but not unaffordable.

I also create this video before I quid the company, for coporate proposal:

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An example of Illustrations that I made for SUNCO.

Meanwhile I am trying to develop the Poonam project I am participating in many fields in SUNCO renewable energy company. I started with the sustainable villages, and nowadays I am involved in the product design department, marketing, branding of the company, project department, construction and structural set up for photovoltaic installations all around the world, and commercial department aswell. No time for boring!

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This is a video that I created for my office during the “44 young architects exhibition” in the Santa Monica’s Museum of Barcelona, at Les Rambles. Where we can show whit kind of office we are, or we aree trying to be. In that exhibition 44 architectural office of all around europe have the oportunity to participate but only 7 were from Barcelona. I will attach some images of it in a few days…


Another video that I created as an objective documentary about the primary school that we have been built in Badalona with Xavier Sans. Better you watch it and listen what users feel about the project. (Interview to Marc Binefa)