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THE FOLDING HOUSE february2005

A housing project based on the first personal object that we will bring to our new home. In my case, I choose a 20 years old filmaker folding chair, wich belonged to my brother. Is resistant, practical, logical and when we do not use it, it can disappear!! The project is based on this concept. The walls that we need to live every day, but when we do not need them we can hide them and obtain more free space for other activities. See here the model presentation.

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“PASEO” the gaming workshop 2008

This was a funny workshop, that the International University of Catalonia proposes each year to their students, it is called TALLER VERTICAL and in 2008 Carme Pinós & Carlos Ferrater were the visiting professors.

Carmes Pinós & Carlos Ferrater in "Jocs en un lloc"All the games must contain in an indirect way, some kind of architectural concept or reflection in it… We were organized in teams of 4 or 5 people, (2n course, 3rth course…), and mine was composed by, Naiara Illanes, Loli Garcia, Maria Miranda & Enric M.Mas. (I also create the following video with all our work done during 5 days)

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This is a project, that will improve the live condition of farmers that comes from africa, to southern Europe. Our first goal, was to set up a housing project with a good thermal behaviour under the sun, with a low cost solar protection system. We considered to recycle the advertisement canvas, that we can find all over the façades of the big cities like Barcelona. Laura Gómez, Belén Callejas, Nadal Bennassar & me, were the creators of that easy, cheap and effective solution, to protect the containers. That type of canvas, is a microperforated surface, that will allow people from the interior be able to see the landscape, but do not allow to see what is inside to the outsiders.

Some other samples…

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This is a video that I created for my office during the “44 young architects exhibition” in the Santa Monica’s Museum of Barcelona, at Les Rambles. Where we can show whit kind of office we are, or we aree trying to be. In that exhibition 44 architectural office of all around europe have the oportunity to participate but only 7 were from Barcelona. I will attach some images of it in a few days…


Another video that I created as an objective documentary about the primary school that we have been built in Badalona with Xavier Sans. Better you watch it and listen what users feel about the project. (Interview to Marc Binefa)